Upcoming Webinar! Setting more places at the table: from social isolation to community connection

Upcoming webinar: Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 12-1 p.m. Eastern 

What is social isolation? How do loneliness, social exclusion, and disconnection from community affect people at different stages in their lives? What forces are pushing people into more insular lives?  And what is being done to connect people back to one another, to healthy food and safe spaces? 

Act local: Steve Stacey on bridging social isolation at The Local CFC

Our recent webinar Setting more places at the table: From social isolation to community connection, featured André Picard, The Globe and Mail’s public health reporter and Wellesley Institute researcher Laura Anderson. We explored how social connection is a key determinant of health and how food acts as a powerful tool to bring people together.

Placemaking in the Community Food Centre: A Visual Tour

In our July 3 webinar, A Place for Food in Public Spaces, we’re bringing in two dynamic community-builders to speak about their work cultivating vibrant public spaces, where food is a central pillar. For our panelists Jutta Mason and Sabina Ali, they started their work as community members who wanted to see their local parks transformed and saw food as a key part of the answer.


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