Extended Q&A on Diet, Mental Health, and the Role of Community Food Programs

As a follow up to our April 9th webinar Diet, Mental Health, and the Role of Community Food Programs, we asked both our panelists to answer a few more questions we didn't have time to get to through a Q&A here on The Pod.  

And, if you’re hungry for more, check out Kristyn Dunnion’s Tips to Making Community Kitchen Programs Open and Inclusive. 


Upcoming Webinar: Food on our Minds - Diet, mental health, and the role of community food programs

THIS WEBINAR HAS NOW PASSED. However the video from the event as well as a number of resources and links will soon be posted in the Modules section under the title Nutrition and Mental Health, listed under "Issues". 

Wednesday, April 9, 12-1pm EDT

Starting a Good Food Club at The Local CFC

We’ve been talking about starting a Good Food Club at The Local Community Food Centre. Our vision is a nutritionist’s support group; a place to share stories of our work, recipes, challenges and debate knowledge and approaches in the field. CFCC’s recent Good Food Rules webinar about nudging people towards healthier eating was a great opportunity for us to gather as the Good Food Club and watch it together.

Our Good Food Rules

"Over the years, out of the work at The Stop Community Food Centre and new food centres we have helped to found, we have developed some straightforward approaches to healthy food and healthy eating that are intended to have a positive impact on the health of the people we work with, the environment and other players in the food system. We understand that there are severe constraints on the choices that many people can make, but we try to empower them to push back against them to create as big a space as possible to take control over their own food. Though we care a lot about food, we tr

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