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How do you build healthy, connected communities? Start with dignified spaces

The first thing you notice when you walk into the light-drenched main room at Calgary’s The Alex Community Food Centre is the promise written in loopy script above the open kitchen: “Good food is just the beginning….” Or maybe it’s the bright chairs in Crayola red and blue and green. Or the large family-style tables where everyone gathers to eat delicious homemade meals together. Wherever your eyes happen to land, it’s clear the entire centre is designed to make people in this diverse low-income community feel at home.

Act local: Steve Stacey on bridging social isolation at The Local CFC

Our recent webinar Setting more places at the table: From social isolation to community connection, featured André Picard, The Globe and Mail’s public health reporter and Wellesley Institute researcher Laura Anderson. We explored how social connection is a key determinant of health and how food acts as a powerful tool to bring people together.

Good and Cheap: Healthy Recipes for Small Budgets

Robert Palmer is in his 60s. Since his wife died four years ago, Robert has had to cook for himself for the first time. Despite his participation in cooking programs at The Local Community Food Centre in Stratford, ON, he was surviving on fast food, frozen foods, and energy drinks. Kate Van, The Local’s Food Fit Coordinator, says he found it difficult to apply at home what he was learning in class.

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