CFCC's Food Summit

Mobilizing for change: Powerful lessons from the frontlines

At this year's CFCC Food Summit, we introduced a new event: a keynote featuring four inspiring social change-makers from Canada and the U.S.: Joanna Kerr Executive Director of Greenpeace Canada, Jessica Bolduc, Executive Director of the 4Rs Youth Movement, Celeste Licorish, creator and coordinator of Speak Now Hamilton Speakers Bureau, and

Dr. Valerie Tarasuk on food insecurity policy interventions

Principal Investigator behind the University of Toronto PROOF project , Dr. Valerie Tarasuk presented at CFCC's 2015 Food Summit on her team's latest research on household food insecurity. With refreshing clarity, she delves into a number of policy levers that provincial / federal governments have used (and could use) to effectively turn the tide on this growing issue. In her presentation, Dr.

CFCC’s 1st Annual Food Summit is set to land in just a few weeks

Exciting times are ahead! At the end of this month, 100 community food leaders will convene in Toronto for CFCC’s 1st Annual Food Summit! Representatives from our member Good Food Organizations and staff from our partner Community Food Centres will spend a packed weekend learning from one another and collectively exploring how to deepen their impact when it comes to running community food programs in their 29 respective cities and towns.

Five fruitful moments from the 2017 Food Summit

Building a food movement can be hard work! So it's especially rewarding to bring together staff from member Good Food Organizations and Community Food Centres to share, learn, engage, and connect. In April 2017, we were proud to gather more than 150 people from 60 of our partner organizations at CFCC's third annual Food Summit in Toronto for an intense weekend of inspiration. We heard so many amazing stories of change happening in communities from coast to coast, and we’ve been buzzing with energy and motivation ever since. Here are some of the most memorable moments.

CFCC's Food Summit: A good food success!

More than 100 community food leaders from across Canada gathered in Toronto February 27 – March 1 for Community Food Centres Canada's first Food Summit. This Food Summit brought together food experts from nation-wide Community Food Centres and Good Food Organizations to learn from one another, share best practices, and cultivate Canada’s good food movement, spurring future action to create a healthier and fairer food system. 

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