Drop-in Meals

Procurement and Preparation

The drop-in meal programs are a key component of Community Food Centres' front line emergency food provisioning. At The Stop, it was originally founded as an extension of the food bank to increase access to healthy food in the community and to alleviate the stress people experienced while waiting for their food hampers. Beyond the calm and welcoming environment that the drop-in space provides, it's also a place where community members can sit down together and enjoy a meal. This experience serves as an entry point for community members to explore the host of additional programming that happens at CFCs.

This module focuses on the preparation and logistics of the food served at The Stop's Drop-in meal program. It covers procurement, our commitment to supporting local-sustainable food, resources and infrastructure for a high-volume kitchen, funding, perspectives on healthy food, how it all fits together with the ‘anatomy of a meal’ and more.

The breakdown of the five parts are as follows:

  1. Inspiration, introduction, and a history of the program
  2. Procurement: sourcing local and sustainable
  3. Cultivating partnerships and negotiating a fair price for farmers
  4. Perspectives on healthy food and an anatomy of the meal
  5. Resources: infrastructure, funding, volunteers, and staffing