Privacy Policy

Why we collect your information

In exchange for free access to the modules and resources on this website we require visitors to create a member account.  The only information that members are required to submit is a unique username and valid email address. This information is collected to allow us to monitor comments and to communicate to funders the impact of the site.

We may use software that records the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the computers and devices that visit the site to gather website usage statistics only. We may also use "cookies" for the purposes of verifying your login information, however; we do not use cookies to track how our visitors use the site.

Collection of any further personal information other than for reasons outlined above will only occur with your consent.

How we use your information

We only collect and use personal information that is necessary for the intended purpose. We use your membership information to contact you with news related to CFCC and The Pod, and for the purpose of managing your account, such as resetting a forgotten password. If you choose to donate to CFCC or participate with the organization in any other way, the collection of other personal information is done so in accordance with the CFCC Privacy Policy.

How we store and keep your information secure

The information you provide is used exclusively for the purposes of managing this site and is not shared with any other groups or organizations. We keep your information for only as long necessary and maintain its confidentiality when it is destroyed. We protect your information from unauthorized access or use through physical and electronic security safeguards and limit access to only authorized persons and only when necessary.

How you can access and change your information

You can access and change your account information by clicking the ‘My account’ link in the top right of the page. For other inquiries about any other information being stored please contact us at info [at] cfccanada [dot] ca.