Stocking the pantry

On April 24, 2013 we hosted a webinar with Nick Saul, President & CEO of Community Food Centres Canada, and Cheryl Roddick, Director of Development at The Stop Community Food Centre. The conversation focused on fundraising strategies for small to mid-size organizations, and covered everything from the evolution of fundraising at The Stop, key development moments, the art of stewardship, the importance of diversified funding, and lots more. This in an invaluable resource for both emerging CFCs and food organizations looking to grow.

The breakdown of the six parts are as follows:

  1. When the pieces of fundraising come together, history, and where to start
  2. What to pursue, filters to apply, social enterprise, resourcing programs, and restricted versus unrestricted funding
  3. Sustainable funding, evaluation, and the roles of volunteers
  4. Events, corporate sponsorship, and third party involvement
  5. Good asks, fundraising infrastructure, and stewardship
  6. Q&A