Corporate Regulation

The carrot and the stick: Health and regulation in the age of processed food

Right now, government regulators and civil society organizations are battling with the processed food industry to create a better food environment for Canadians.There is an urgency to address how corporate interests are impacting public health, however how to achieve this is highly contested. As advocates, where should we be pushing hardest? For consumers, how do we navigate “choice” in an environment that’s stacked against us?  

In this webinar, Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, nutrition watchdog and outspoken obesity expert, joins us to talk about the struggle to improve the food environment that we all live in. There are many complex factors that shape our eating habits, and those supposed choices – from what food manufacturers put in food, to how it is labeled, sold, marketed, to how we learn about what is healthy or unhealthy – are influenced by the processed food industry. Regulatory bodies, public health advocates, and consumers all have a role to play and different tools to press for change.  

In these videos, we look at examples of progress made in changing corporate policies and behaviour: from taxes to subsidies, incentives, marketing regulations, product legislation, and consumer-directed mechanisms like labeling and nutrition guidelines. The webinar is moderated by Kathryn Scharf, Chief Operating Officer of Community Food Centres Canada.

Video from the webinar is broken into the following chapters:

1. How is public understanding of food and health changing?

2. The epic fat vs. sugar battle: What should food advocates fight for?

3. What's the best way to regulate unhealthy food? Taxes vs. Incentives

4. What does "personal choice" mean when it comes to food? 

5. What's the power of industry marketing on eating habits?