Starting a Good Food Club at The Local CFC

Starting a Good Food Club at The Local CFC

We’ve been talking about starting a Good Food Club at The Local Community Food Centre. Our vision is a nutritionist’s support group; a place to share stories of our work, recipes, challenges and debate knowledge and approaches in the field. CFCC’s recent Good Food Rules webinar about nudging people towards healthier eating was a great opportunity for us to gather as the Good Food Club and watch it together. The group included nutritionists and dietitians some of whom are practicing and others at various stages of education and training.

The conversation after the webinar gravitated to the health basics that Dr. Mike Evans presented during the webinar: walking, mingling, eating, and sleeping. We realized that these are in essence a template for successful food skills and nutrition education programs starting with movement (walking), cooking together (mingling), eating as a group, and sleeping well after the program wraps up and participants go their separate ways. This structure is something that we’re planning to incorporate into programs already in operation and some new ones going forward.

There was also lots of interest in programs geared to kids and new parents. It’s exciting to think about the path that you can help set for a young person as an empowered food citizen who has control over the food they eat, rather than being addicted to pop and junk food from right from the start. Like The Stop CFC in Toronto, we’re considering how to create a space for graduates of our after school kids program to come back once a month to continue learning and sharing at The Local. In addition, other ideas surfaced included nutrition and cooking programs geared to groups with particular dietary needs such diabetes and heart disease to name a couple. Although just in its initial stages, it’s amazing to see the interest already surrounding the Good Food Club.

Stay tuned for more details when we meet again in September and for those who are interested in joining please contact Liz Mountain at liz (at) thelocalcfc (dot) org. 


- by Liz Mountain, Food Skills Coordinator