Placemaking in the Community Food Centre: A Visual Tour

This slideshow tells the story of how Community Food Centres are using food programs to build community and cultivate a sense of place.

In our July 3 webinar, A Place for Food in Public Spaces, we’re bringing in two dynamic community-builders to speak about their work cultivating vibrant public spaces, where food is a central pillar. For our panelists Jutta Mason and Sabina Ali, they started their work as community members who wanted to see their local parks transformed and saw food as a key part of the answer.

Community Food Centres are also well-positioned to cultivate community and a sense of place. They are multi-program indoor/outdoor spaces with food security as a constant, core mandate. Oftentimes, the CFCs are situated near public parks and can work with and build upon the existing assets in these areas. However in every case, the Community Food Centre itself integrates placemaking principles to create a welcoming, inclusive space that delivers programs that respond to and improve the community’s level of food security.   

To illustrate how Community Food Centres are drawing upon placemaking principles to serve community needs, we put together a photo album on our Facebook page to help tell that story. Please have a look! And tell us how you’d like to see your public spaces transformed through food.

Click here to view the slideshow!


And while we're at it, for a glimpse into the amazing work Sabina has been doing in Thorncliffe Park, watch this great video produced by Park People featuring the grand opening of the community tandoor oven. It's sure to inspire!