The NorWest Community Food Centre featured in Eco-Journal

Improving Access to Sustainable Food: the Community Food Centre model comes to Winnipeg

"Manitoba has cultivated a strong food movement over the past decade, illustrated by an increasing interest in local food, revival of farmers’ markets and community supported agriculture, urban chickens and organic home vegetable gardening. This food revolution is built upon supporting what we know to be best environmental practices: local, sustainable and organic. The movement has championed a 'vote with your fork' mentality, as supported by Michael Pollan, amongst others, and has strengthened the ties between urban residents and rural producers. However, this consumer-led food revolution in Manitoba has left out a major part of our community: low-income people."

Kristina MacMillan, director of the NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre, writes in Eco-Journal about the impact the CFC can have in the Winnipeg community of Inkster. Visit the Manitoba Eco-network website to download a PDF of her article.


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