Introducing Good Food Organizations: A new initiative supporting the community food sector in Canada

Our new initiative — Good Food Organizations — enables organizations in the community food sector to work more closely with us and each other in the name of healthy and fair food.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Good Food Organizations, a new initiative which aims to increase the capacity of community food security organizations across Canada in offering healthy and dignified food programs in their communities. The inititiative provides resources, customized training, grants, and networking and exchange opportunities to community food security organizations. By working together through the Good Food Principles, the Good Food Organizations initiative connects like-minded organizations around the country in a collective commitment to achieving a healthy and fair food system.

How Good Food Organizations came to be

Over the past few years, and through our work building Community Food Centres, we have spoken to many organizations working in the community food sector who share our commitment to a fair and healthy food system. Until now we have not had a program that would allow us to work more broadly with the sector. The Good Food Organizations initiative gives us this opportunity, allowing us to connect with community food security organizations, provide resources and supports and, together, to strategically work towards a set of common goals.

In 2014, we surveyed organizations working across Canada to help us evaluate existing needs and how a new category of affiliation could support their work. From the survey results, it was clear that many organizations in the community food security sector are in need of flexible funding, sector-specific training, and opportunities to connect with others working in the field. We have shaped the Good Food Organizations program largely to meet these needs and are committed to ensuring the program remains responsive and agile going forward.

If you’re part of a non-profit organization that offers food security programming, we hope your organization will be interested in taking the next step by becoming a Good Food Organization!

Want to learn more about the new initiative?

Visit for full details about the program and how to get involved.