The Good Food Principles: Our guiding document for community food programming

Learn about our Good Food Principles, a guiding document for Community Food Centres and Good Food Organizations.

As part of the launch of our new Good Food Organizations initiative, we wanted to take the opportunity to foreground a resource that is central to our work — the Good Food Principles. Members of The Pod may have encountered them in our December 2013 webinar, Beyond Emergency Food, where we spoke with Jess Powers of WhyHunger about supporting emergency food providers to go beyond charitable food access programs to create initiatives that foster a more inclusive and sustainable food system. Having long been a foundational document for our partner Community Food Centres, the principles are about to see a lot more use now that our new Good Food Organizations initiative is under way. 

First envisioned as a guiding document for Community Food Centres we partner with, the Good Food Principles are intended to be aspirational, but also grounded in pragmatic, achievable actions. Through our new Good Food Organizations initiative, member organizations sign on to the Good Food Principles as a means of declaring their commitment to working towards the principles and the approach and ethos they espouse. The principles (and the self-assessment that are part of the Good Food Organizations application process) can be a valuable tool in an organization's visioning or planning process, as the principles put forward goals and indicators that organizations may want to strive for. 

In short, the five Good Food Principles are:

  1. Taking action from the individual to the systemic (through food access, food skills, and civic engagement programs)
  2. Believing and investing in the power of good food
  3. Creating an environment of respect and community leadership
  4. Meeting people where they’re at
  5. Aiming high for our organizations and our community

Whether or not you are part of an organization that may apply to become a Good Food Organization, we hope you'll download the Good Food Principles either here, or on the new Good Food Organizations website, and that you’ll find them valuable in your work.