Food. Community. Change. Our 2015 Annual Report

Food. Community. Change CFCC's 2015 Annual Report

"I don’t know what I would’ve done without this place. My life has changed – it’s like black and white. There’s a lot of interaction and socializing that goes on here. Your mood changes. It has turned me around completely." - participant at Winnipeg’s NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre

Community Food Centres Canada's 2015 Annual Report is hot off the (virtual) presses!  

It tells the story of how we're working with organizations across Canada to bring people in low-income communities to grow, cook, share, and advocate for good food for all, and build better health, skills, and connection. Read about why we work to make change, how we and our partners have grown across Canada, and what some of our milestones were from 2015, including the launch of NorWest Co-op and Dartmouth North Community Food Centres, our first annual Food Summit, and the launch of our Good Food Grants program. On top of that, you'll find stories on how kids are digging good food, what's coming up for 2016 (hint: the opening of two more Community Food Centres in Calgary and Hamilton!), as well as a big thank you to all the organizations, donors, and supporters who have helped us reach these goals.

Some highlights from our 2015 Annual Report include:

  • We're working with 8 Community Food Centres and 90 Good Food  Organizations in 56 communities across Canada.
  • We awarded $400,000 in grants to support organizations that build local capacity and offer food education and healthy eating and exercise programs.
  • 93% of participants surveyed identify their Community Food Centre as an important source of healthy food.
  • 92% of participants surveyed feel they belong to a community at their Community Food Centre.