Eat Think Vote — A Federal Election Call to Action

Join us in calling for bold new national food policy.

It's election time!

Canada is gearing up for an exciting federal election and we want to get political with food. Our partner, Food Secure Canada, is coordinating Eat Think Vote — a national campaign to make food an election issue this fall. We hope you'll join us in calling for bold new national food policy that will allow every Canadian to have access to healthy, just, and sustainable food every day. 

The Eat Think Vote campaign calls on the new Government to:

—  explore providing a basic income to all Canadians,
—  implement a national student nutrition program, 
—  bolster new farmers, and
—  make good food affordable and accessible in Canada's remote and northern communities

We invite you to get involved in your community and help put food on the agenda in this election!

Visit the Eat Think Vote Campaign website to learn more about the above issues, sign the petition calling for politicians to address critical issues facing food systems, or host an Eat Think Vote event in your community.

#BasicIncome: Taking the conversation up a notch

Here at CFCC, we want to take the conversation up a notch around one of FSC's four proposed policy changes — basic income. A basic income (sometimes called a guaranteed annual income) would establish a minimum level of income for all Canadians by topping up the income of anyone who falls below a designated poverty line. We believe a guaranteed basic income would be a critical step towards eradicating hunger and severe food insecurity in Canada. 

Join our social media campaign!

What would Canada look like if no one fell below a basic income floor? Leading up to the election on October 19, we want to hear your answers loud and clear over social media. Using photos, video, or other art forms, copy this post to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and fill in the blank: 

Give Canadians a solid floor to stand on. A #basicincome would mean ____________    #eatthinkvote






Tag us @aplaceforfood on Twitter or Instagram or @CommunityFoodCentresCanada on Facebook. We’ll share out your answers and compile them for a multi-media gallery in September. Let's put food on the political agenda!

Want to know more about basic income?

Have a look at FSC's Basic Income Primer and CFCC's Basic Income Backgrounder. Also, on September 30th, we're hosting a webinar called Basic Income — Giving Canadians a Solid Floor to Stand On with former Senator Hugh Segal and Dr. Andrew Pinto. We hope you'll join us!