Act on imPULSE — show us what you can do with pulses!

Time to get imPULSEive and creatively show your love for pulses!

The UN has declared 2016 the International Year of the Pulse and we want to celebrate these wonderful pods of possibility. Pulses — lentils, beans, and chickpeas — have plenty of benefits. Full of protein and fibre, pulses are a healthy and versatile addition to almost any meal. Even better, they’re super affordable, and are grown right here in Canada. This month, we want to show the love for pulses in some fun and engaging ways.

Between now and JUNE 30 we want to challenge you to get “imPULSEive" — whip up something tasty and creative with pulses, and share your fabulous creation for the world to see on social media. To make the challenge even more savoury, we’re offering prizes. While we can’t taste your dish over the web, we will award prizes for most creative, most colourful, and most mouth-watering dishes based on your photos in early July. Prizes include CFCC’s activist vegetables t-shirt, the beautiful Goodness cookbook, and some pulseriffic kitchen gear from our supporters at Pulse Canada.

In addition to sharing out your photos, recipes, and videos over social media, we want to share them back to pulse farmers too. Nick Saul, CFCC’s President and CEO is presenting to hundreds of pulse growers on July 7 at the Pulse and Special Crops Convention in Toronto and we think pulse growers would be tickled pink to see their crops transformed into delicious and creative dishes across Canada.

Ready for the challenge?


Get imPULSEive in your community kitchen, with kids in an after-school program, or at a weekend bbq among friends and family.


What to make? Pulses are really versatile so the sky’s the limit! Didn’t think pulses had a place in smoothies, popsicles, or crêpes? Think again. Get some inspiration in the recipes below. But remember, creativity gets extra points!

  • offers plenty of recipes if you need some inspiration to act imPULSEively
  • Cooking With Pulses — a handy (and beautiful!) 25-page guide to all things pulse featuring lots of fun and creative recipe ideas


BONUS STEP – shoot an imPULSEive video about why pulses are worth loving. In the kitchen or dining room are great times to capture candid thoughts from kids and adults alike. 


Between now and June 30, post your photos & videos on social media for the world to see! Be sure to tag us @aplaceforfood on Twitter / Instagram or @ Community Food Centres Canada on Facebook and use the hashtag #lovepulses. (This is key if you want to be entered into the competition!)

Plus here are some great resources to take your pulse learning to the next level: